Web Design and Development


Comprehensive introduction to client side Web developement

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate a broad knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice applicable to website developement.

  2. demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of website dvelopement techniques

  3. to apply their knowledge of website development concepts in the implementation of a web site solution using best practice

  4. demonstrate basic skills in the areas of web server hosting and installation. Perform an analysis of ISP providers in terms of cost and technical attributes.

  5. demonstrate an ability to perform basic website analysis regarding performance and maintenance of a website

  6. demonstrate an awareness of legal and ethical principles such as copyright.

  7. apply knowledge as an individual and under direction as part of a team with regard to web development

  8. to realise the limitations of their competence with regard to web development, but have attained the confidence to further their knowledge in this regard

  9. begin a process of reflective practice with regard to web development and accept constructive criticism

% Coursework 100%