Web Design and Development


The web design module will provide students with the skills required to design, develop and publish a professional, responsive web site, taking into consideration both PC and Mobile solutions, while familiarising themselves with the different web authoring programmes available, changes in web design and development, and recognise the importance of establishing a mobile / smart presence.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Design, develop, implement and test a website solution using web authoring software.

  2. Demonstrate appropriate responsive web design techniques.

  3. Recognise and comprehend the importance of HyperText Markup Language with respect to responsive website design and development.

  4. Evaluate and appreciate the importance of incorporating SEO, website analytics, ISP solutions with respect to a responsive website presence.

  5. Evaluate and recognise the importance and ubiquitous nature of immersion in the Web 2.0 environment is crucial to understanding the ubiquitous nature of blogging, collaborating and media sharing in the global hospitality organisation alongside responsive website solutions.

% Coursework 100%