Web Design Workflow


This module will provide students with the skills required to develop and complete an effective Web Design Workflow process, encapsulating everything from the preparation stages right through to post-launch. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the steps involved in creating the Web Design Workflow Process

  2. Describe the field of User Experience and why it is important to consumers and business

  3. Identify and apply appropriate factors that contribute to good user experience design and recognise the importance of user experience design and design thinking when designing user interfaces

  4. Design and develop web pages using the latest versions of HTML, CSS and web authoring software

  5. Demonstrate appropriate responsive web design techniques

  6. Test, investigate and solve issues when implementing Websites

  7. Develop and manage delivery of responsive Websites using modern tools and techniques.

  8. Evaluate the importance of incorporating SEO, Website analytics, ISP solutions with respect to a responsive website presence

% Coursework 100%