Work Based Learning - Industry Placement


The industry placement module provides learners with the opportunity to develop an awareness of the professional working environment, and to apply theoretical and practical knowledge gained during their studies. The purpose of reflection is to provide for the possibility of learning through experience. 

At the core of this module is the requirement for students to complete a professional work placement.  The professional workload requirement for this module may differ for each discipline.  Refer to the discipline specific handbook for specific details on the minimum professional workload.

The aim of this module is for students to reflect on their placement and to review it under guidance from an academic mentor using a portfolio and presentation approach. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Reflect and analyse areas of learning that are important for effective professional standards and best practice.

  2. Discuss the importance of teamwork as part of a management approach to improve quality and performance to meet customer

  3. Identify how work is planned and organised at different levels within an organisation.

  4. Reflect on the application of relevant skills and knowledge including the identification of strengths and weaknesses in a self reflective

  5. Critically analyse the linkages between theory and the real-life, work based environment.

  6. Assess personal growth and professional performance in the work environment, against personal learning objectives by engaging in a
    process of reflective practice.

  7. Demonstrate oral and written communication skills.

  8. Critically evaluate the placement experience and an ability to make informed recommendations and constructive suggestions for an

% Coursework 100%