Work Experience


The work experience module provides learners with the necessary skills, training and knowledge in advance of finding work experience in the Outdoor Education sector.  While engaging in work experience, learners will explore and build on their professional formation and identity as an Outdoor Educator.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify specific goals for work experience related to profession formation in Outdoor Education.

  2. Understand and critically appraise which learning from other modules / learning experiences may be relevant to the work environment.

  3. Critically evaluate overall performance during work experience in light of previously stated goals, personal goals and career aspirations.

  4. Develop technical, personal and professional skills commensurate with the course objectives and the learners own goals for work experience.

  5. Utilise reflective practice. Reflective practice involves recognising ways in which theory and practice are linked and ways in which general principles offered by theory can be adopted and fitted to specific circumstances in outdoor education practice.

% Coursework 100%