Work Placement or Project


In this module, the student will pursue a work placement in a cognate industrial setting or, failing that, will complete a commensurate project. The module will provide the student the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained in their programme in a relevant work-place setting, and will facilitate the student in developing the practical competencies and communication skills necessary to function as an effective team member in the work environment. Should the student be unable to secure or attend a work placement, they will instead pursue a project of industry standard. The project must be of sufficient technical challenge and depth, as agreed by an academic supervisor.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Work efficiently and effectively on a project as part of a team.

  2. Contribute to the strategy of a team in achieving project goals.

  3. Explain the business strategy of an employer and how a team's work relates to it.

  4. Work autonomously on specified tasks relating to a project.

% Coursework 100%