Woven Textile Design and Practice


This module focusses on methods of yarn manipulation used to bring into being woven textiles (and their inherent decoration) suitable for use in fashion and interiors, accessories, homewares or other products designed for the domestic environment or architectural applications.

The aim is to give the Learner an understanding of weave as applied to fashion and furnishing textiles. The module introduces the Learner to processes and technical skills necessary to design, and produce fabric for fashion and interior contexts, via Studio and workshop practice. This module is concurrent with a drawing module which provides practical opportunities for developing relevant visual skills. The learner will be given a brief which will run for the duration of the module and is divided into two linked sections, Research Methodology/Development and Design Application.The module seeks to incorporate awareness of current trends in materials, colour and contemporary design issues. Thus the Learner will be enabled to create an individual collection of digital realisations, designs on paper and swatches of woven fabric.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to observe, gather visual information, reflect, and draw conclusions

  2. Research and illustrate an awareness and position in contemporary Textile design practice.

  3. Demonstrate an ability to respond to a set brief by engagement in workshop process, in debate, in seminars, tutorials and critiques.

  4. Display an ability to think creatively and formulate outcomes from research gathered. Respond in a creative and personal way to a set brief, working with a level of autonomy.

  5. Demonstrate good workshop practice and an awareness of Health and Safety issues pertaining to Woven textile practice.

  6. Achieve proficient technical standards within a range of specialist skills in the area of Woven design and practice

  7. Evaluate personal learning, process and creative outcomes and identify own needs within a structured learning environment, and show a developing awareness of individual strengths within a broader creative sphere.

% Coursework 100%