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Furniture, Design, Making and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Furniture Design, Making and Technology (Common First Year)

In a common first year, students are introduced to furniture design, making and digital manufacturing skills and techniques. Students then choose their preferred degree from three options.

Discipline: Furniture, Design, Making and Technology

Programme Code: 


Location: Letterfrack

NFQ Level: 7

Programme Duration: One year

Mode of Study: Full time

Application Route: Apply through the CAO

Places: 54

CAO Round 1 Points: 214 (2020)

Why Study?

This programme is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a rewarding and exciting career in the furniture and wood manufacturing industry.

Students first develop skills in a wide range of furniture manufacturing principles and learn the latest computer aided design software used in industry.


New Common First Year offers choice to students

All students undertake a common first year before deciding which degree option to take. Subjects are designed to provide students with an introduction to furniture making techniques, materials and equipment.

In second year, students choose one of the degree options at the end of year one – Design, Making or Digital.

In third year, a year-long work placement is undertaken where students can choose from a wide variety of companies in Ireland or overseas.

In fourth year (Level 8 only), students have the opportunity to further develop their technical expertise and learn about research and management skills to allow them pursue roles in management within furniture and wood manufacturing enterprises.

Programme Modules

First Year Subjects

  • Projects - Furniture making techniques and how to use wood and other materials in making furniture projects of very high quality.
  • Manufacturing Skills 1 - The tools, equipment and machinery used for wood manufacturing
  • Design Elements -  Introduction to principles of design, sketching, furniture history, presentations techniques
  • Computer Aided Design - Introduction to CAD and technical drawing for furniture
  • Materials and Techniques - The different techniques used to manipulate wood and related materials
  • Learning and Innovation Skills - The skills you need to develop reports, presentations and portfolios


Follow-on Studies: 

How do I decide which degree option to take?

1. Projects
During the year students get a taste of each degree option through a subject called Projects.

In this subject, students create different furniture pieces using a wide range of furniture making techniques. Specially designed projects introduce students to the type of skills they will develop in each degree option.

2. Guest lecturers
The college invites guests and recent graduates from industry to give an overview of the career opportunities in each degree option.

3. Consultation with lecturer
Towards the end of first year, students will have a discussion with their lecturers,review their academic results and assess their suitability for each degree option.


Make the choice!

Students decide and select the preferred degree option, choosing a route in Furniture Design and Manufacture, Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking or Furniture and Digital Manufacturing

Essential Information: 

First year students must purchase tool, safety and design kits upon registering for this programme, which are sourced and specified by GMIT.

It is desirable, though not essential, that applicants have studied Construction Studies.

A Level 6 Higher Certificate is embedded in this programme and students may wish to exit with this award after completing years one and two.

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