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Daily Health Check Form

Before you attend campus each day, fill out our online Daily Health Check Form

Update on Christmas Exams and Semester 2
(Friday, 3rd December 2021)

Christmas Exams 

In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have put a number of measures in place for this year’s Christmas exams in line with public health recommendations: 

  • As previously communicated, exams are on-site, however on this occasion there are significantly fewer on-site exams 

  • Exam venues will be operating at considerably below capacity, with ventilation levels at or in excess of WHO guidelines 

  • There will be mandatory mask-wearing and sanitising at all exam venues, with additional ventilation between exam sessions 

Remember that our Mitigation Policy remains in place, so if you have any difficulties you can take the exam at another time at no penalty or cost to you. 

Semester 2 

As we plan for a continued safe delivery of programmes in Semester 2, some Schools will continue with current arrangements while other Schools will see an increase in on-site activities for some students. 

Remember that we can continue being safe indoors with adherence to masking and hygiene.

Please check your student email for updates from your School. 

As always, a wide range of student supports are available and accessible at the Student Hub.

12 Covid-mitigating actions


It is critical that everyone completes these 12 Covid-mitigating actions daily so that we can have a safe campus for all. 

  1. Before you attend campus each day, complete the Daily Health Check Form.

  2. Before you return to campus, watch these two short Covid Safety Videos: Attending Campus Video.mp4 and GMIT Covid 19 Safety Video.mp4

Attending Campus

Covid Safety

3. If you have any COVID symptoms, do not attend campus, instead contact your GP or your student health provider. Covid symptoms include:

4. Register before attending campus, and as part of the registration process complete the Student Health Declaration Form (Campus Access). 

5. Wear a mask. Everyone must wear a 3-layer reusable or disposable mask at all times, and these should be changed daily. Your mask should be well-fitted, please ensure it covers your nose and mouth.

6. Log your attendance at every teaching activity - log your presence by completing the Class Attendance & Location Record. This will allow for contact tracing should it be needed.

7. Sanitise your work or study space before and after use. Sanitising wipes are provided in every room.

8. Please maintain a physical distance from others when possible.

9. Practice good hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette, including frequent handwashing/sanitisation, covering nose/mouth with a tissue/inner elbow when coughing.

10. Students should ideally travel to campus alone. It is recommended you avoid public transport, if possible walk, cycle, or drive by yourself. If it is necessary to share a lift or use public transport, wear a mask and ensure windows are open in the car/bus.

11. Maintain a contact log, keeping a record of staff and students that you meet and download and use the Covid Tracker App: HSE COVID-19 Tracker App

12. If you develop Covid symptoms at college. Contact your lecturer or Head of Department and and return home to isolate. If you need to wait in GMIT before returning home, isolation rooms are available. See below for details.


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