Updates and advice on Coronavirus from ATU

Restrictions Update (28th February 2022)

In line with recent Government announcements with regard to the removal of Covid restrictions, we have updated our Covid-mitigating policies and practices as follows:

  • Whilst mask-wearing is not mandatory, ATU is strongly advising the continued wearing of face masks on campus at all times.  Of particular concern are the more vulnerable in our community, whom we wish to continue to protect.  The updated policy is attached.

  • There is no need to complete the “Daily Health Check” online form or the “Class attendance & location record”, and we will initiate a phased removal of screens and relevant signage.

In order to continue to provide a safe campus for all:

  • We will continue to comply with the WHO guidance on room ventilation.  Thus all windows in a room should be open to 30 cm at all times when the room is in use.

  • Hand sanitization facilities will continue to be provided at campus entrances and all are encouraged to use them upon arrival on campus

  • Those who have symptoms of Covid (even if fully vaccinated and boosted) must self-isolate (stay in your room) until 48 hours after symptoms resolve.

  • There is a free pack of 4 antigen tests available for all student to collect.  On the Dublin Road campus the antigen tests can be collected from the SU shop, and local arrangements for the distribution of the antigen tests on all other campuses will be in place early this week.  FFP2 masks are also available for free from the SU shop on the Dublin Road campus and by local arrangement on all other campuses later this week.