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Certificate  in Digital Media & Marketing - Springboard

Certificate in Digital Media and Marketing - Springboard+

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Discipline: Business

Programme Code: 


Location: Mayo

NFQ Level: 9

Programme Duration: One year

Mode of Study: Blended Learning

Application Route: Apply through

Entry Requirements: Level 8 Bachelor (Hons) degree with a minimum grade classification of H2.2 or equivalent in Marketing, IT/Computing, Business or a cognate area

Credits: 30

Places: 32


300 Euros for employed applicants, no fee for unemployed applicants.

See for full rules on eligibility

Why Study?

  • Learn to use digital media as part of an integrated strategic marketing planning process, aimed at reaching overall business objectives.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and competencies of a strategic decision maker within an organisation or workplace, enabling them to take on the role of a strategic leader in the digital media and marketing field.
  • For those who need to expand their knowledge in and continuously stay at the forefront of digital media technologies in order to improve organisational or business performance.
  • Learn practical digital skills and their strategic marketing skills and knowledge.

Open for applications on  Start date January 2021.


Programme Modules

Marketing Strategy Theory and Application - download module details here (PDF)

Digital Content and Marketing Technology  - download module details here (PDF)

Search Engine Analytics  - download module details here (PDF)

Visualisation for Strategic Decision Making  - download module details here (PDF)



Learning Outcomes: 

On successful completion of this programme the learner will/should be able to:

  1. The learner will have a systematic knowledge and understanding of the professional practices of digital media and marketing, informed by the latest theoretical and technological developments in the field.
  2. Critically evaluate contemporary technological developments in the field of digital media & marketing.
  3. Strategically evaluate theoretical advances in digital media and marketing to lead implementation of pertinent initiatives within the strategic organisational context.
  4. Critically research, evaluate, design, implement and optimise strategies in the digital media and marketing field with reference to market and web analytics' research undertaken
  5. Employ search engine optimisation (SEO), user experience design (UX), content management systems (CMS) and web analytics within digital media and marketing professional practice.
  6. Successfully position products and services aligned with market needs for competitive advantage.
  7. Employ specialist analytical tools and digital methodologies, to identify and implement marketing strategies for on-line optimisation
  8. Research and evaluate novel and emerging digital media and marketing technologies and theories.
  9. Select and apply standard and customised tools and techniques in digital media marketing initiatives.
  10. Conduct comprehensive research and critical analysis of the marketing needs of an organisation considering strategic business objectives and competitive market forces. 11. Develop an organisational marketing strategy incorporating the most current digital media and marketing instruments.
  11. Develop guidelines regarding professional and ethical practices in digital media and marketing.
  12. Lead a digital media and marketing strategic planning team.
  13. Participate in peer collaboration and evaluation exercises.
  14. Reflect on the strengths, weaknesses and potential for future development of his/her own professional expertise.
  15. Appreciate the importance of continuing personal and professional development in the digital media and marketing discipline and critically evaluate the mechanisms and resources available to support that learning.
  16. Develop high quality transferable communicative skills.
  17. Critically discuss and independently assess the technical and ethical implications of his/her own work and the work of others in online and offline communities.
  18. Maintain integrity and independence in professional judgement.




Post-graduate Studies: 

Graduates from this Level 9 Certificate can progress onto other postgraduate and professional qualifications in digital media, marketing, data analysis etc.

Essential Information: 

Course Start Date:

January 2022 - check for actual start date


Delivery Method:

Fully online with recorded lectures, followed by online discussion groups with the lecturers


Application Process:

Applications must be made through


Frequently asked questions

Please read attached FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about this course



Contact Us

School:                                 School of Business

Department:                         Department of Enterprise & Technology

Head of Department            Eamon Walsh


Contact person for the course

Peter Butler
Graduate Studies & Professional Development
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology
Dublin Road

085 805 3691 from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday


Springboard+ is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for employability, inclusion and learning 2021-2027